Lawn and Gardens


“The earth laughs in flowers” Emerson

The lawns and gardens are where I go to replenish my energy and renew my spirit.  

Planning, digging, planting, nurturing and watching everything grow are common themes among many of my life’s main focuses.  At the end watching the blooms, fruit and breathing in the beauty are my rewards.  Come and share my rewards!

LodgeFront Summer1


  FrontCorner Porch   Garden with shoes  Garden in May  Garden100  2011 - 11(November 068  Pink Dogwood by Garden Path 4/24/2011  Garden Spring5

Veggies for breakfast?  You betcha!  Go to the Breakfast page and check out the menus with veggies!  Some from our own gardens! We also grow and serve fruits, flowers, and herbs!  Look at the list of foods below.

Garden Sunflowers 2  Garden105

Garden & Food Garden101 Garden Produce

We grow strawberries and rhubarb;  beans, several kinds of squash, tomatoes, carrots and beets; greens and basil, thyme, rosemary, and a plethora of other things.  Interspersed with flowers for beauty and some to eat.  Check out some menu items on Breakfasts, Menus, Other Food.