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Start Your Day:  With one of our delicious full breakfasts

We always take into consideration your individual tastes and restrictions which is why we ask when you make your reservation about personal preferences and needs.  So please help us by responding so we can plan our menus with each person in mind!  We serve in our dining room family style most of the time.  Conversations around the table are fun and invigorating and sometimes are the beginning of new friendships.  But occasionally you may need quiet times for just you so for these special times we serve in your room or on our spacious front porch at separate tables.  All part of helping each person get what is needed to make your stay special and memorable.  


Hot Coffee, Fresh Juice, and Fresh Fruit

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Always Protein sometimes with veggies.  Sometimes the protein is incorporated in waffles, crepes, or pancakes.  Often there is meat on the side.

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Whole grains, muffins, scones, baked oatmeal, a large variety of breads.  Sometimes served as part of a main dish with the protein incorporated.


Special Treats:  Added amenities for special times can be added.  

(See Amenities and Packages for prices.)